Saturday, June 28, 2008

We are going to Asia!

We finally decided that this summer's travel plans will take us to Asia! Our itinerary includes: Hong Kong and Shanghai, China, Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand, and Tokyo, Japan. We will take a month to explore these amazing places. It seems unreal but it's really happening - in just a few days!

Ironically, we also just learned that a family friend of Dean's is traveling our same itinerary RIGHT NOW! was Jen and Kate that inspired this blog that we will keep of our trip (and more).

Now we are two days away from flying to Atlanta for a night to take Java to my parents. Once we leave on Monday morning, we won't return for a month! We still have so much to do before we go...laundry, pack, pay bills, last-minute-shopping, bank, clean...the list goes on!

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