Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pregnancy: 35 weeks

How far along: 35 weeks 5 days

Size of baby: About the size of a honeydew, about 5.25 pounds, and 18 inches long

Weight gain: 24.5 pounds up! A-okay with me. I can definitely feel the gain and it has thrown my balance off a little bit. And I'm waddling a little now too. 

Symptoms: Still having some acid reflux. I stopped drinking acidic juices which has really helped. But I do miss my OJ. Energy is still very good, wahoo! I definitely feel the shifting and loosening of my hips and I try to move and stretch often. I enjoy doing figure 8's on my exercise ball and bouncing on it. Several people have told me 'she's dropped' which may be true as I do feel her way down there, more pressure, and more potty breaks!

Movement: Reese loves my right side. She is constantly poking and prodding on that side far more than the left. She doesn't have much room these days so I feel even her slightest movements. 

Preparations for baby: My GA baby shower was A-MAZING! Wow, I'm so blessed and thankful. It was so wonderful to see all my guests and we had such a great time. My hosts were fantastic. The guests all made hair bows for Reese and my best friend Julia surprised me with a special 'Friedland Baby Story' slideshow! You can watch it
Kizoa slideshow: Friedland Baby Story! - Slideshow

">here. We will cherish this forever and cannot wait to show our little girl. 

Her nursery is getting closer to complete! We definitely have all the essentials so now I'm focusing on the details and decor. Her custom bedding has been ordered (thanks to Lolli and Pop (my parents)) although it might not arrive until after she's here which isn't a problem. I can't wait to see it, it's going to be gorgeous! Curtains have been ordered too and should arrive on Friday! I got some adorable pink baskets for organization and did her first load of laundry to make all her newborn stuff nice and fresh. :)

I've also packed up her hospital bag. In case you're wondering, here's a list of what's in it. I looked at several lists and put the most common items in my bag. I tend to over pack but I also prefer to be over prepared than under. My bag is in process! 

·      clippers

·      aspirator
going-home outfit

·      2-3 onesies/sleepers
·      hand sanitizer
·      receiving blanket
·      extra diapers
·      hat
·      socks
·      hand mitts
·      Memory book page for hand/foot prints
·      Empty plastic bag for dirty/soiled clothes

Next week I have a water birth class and we are selecting our doula! Very exciting stuff to me!