Thursday, August 28, 2008

As requested...

Many of you have been asking so I feel it is necessary to explain...obviously our blogs from our trip to Asia are incomplete. Sadly, throughout our travels we had internet limitations and it became increasingly difficult to pick up where we left off and write day-to-day details when we were moving so fast. I hate this because we loved doing it and so many of you told me you loved reading it. I do hope with the help of our 1500+ pics and videos that we can revisit our trip and write more. I just don't know when that time will come. At the very least I will put links up to the albums with pics from the trip. It was beyond amazing. In my eyes, travel is the best experience in the world. It is unpredictable, exciting, informative, and it leaves a life-long lasting impression on you. So, where to next you might ask? Well, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa, and Australia are on the potential list for 2009. Stay posted. Plans are always subject to change. LOL.

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