Tuesday, August 11, 2009


So this week (and it's only Tuesday!) has been such a blessing! Now I could make these stories really long but instead I will keep it short and sweet...

For the last 8 months I had been driving an 08 Jeep Wrangler and loved it but it was time to send it back to it's owner (I was sort of renting it from someone that was leasing it). Needless to say, I needed to get another vehicle! I decided some time ago that when the time came I would like another SUV for the space and to transport our kids (our doggies). So after some research and visiting a ton of dealerships around the area I bought a 2005 Mercury Mountaineer.

I'm truly loving it and have every intention to drive it until it dies. It has every available option including a sunroof and heated seats. =)

The next and probably most exciting news is that I have a new job!!! I am now a Project Specialist at American Tower Corporation.

American Tower is a leading owner and operator of communications sites for the wireless and broadcast industries.
As a Project Specialist my duties will include:

* Responsible for financial tracking, billing, and purchase order creation.
* Responsible for managing, and assisting with multiple internal and external processes, procedures and clients including sales, environmental, structural engineering, regulatory, zoning permitting, construction, finance and integration.
* Orders and tracks environmental services such as National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Phase I and (SHPO) studies and approvals.
* Orders and performs basic overview of titles and easements.
* Orders title updates and tracks expiration periods.
* Tracks ground lease option renewal dates.
* Maintains accurate project files and ensures that construction jobs are documented and re-integrated to the American Tower Corporation system via Woburn integration.
* Assists with Return on Investment creation, budget preparation, preparation of cost estimates and management of budget.
* Maintains the financial and public project tracker.
* Ensures that all company and departmental guidelines are being followed.
* Reviews Construction in Progress report analysis and projects financial reporting for accuracy.
* Collects jurisdictional zoning requirements and update zoning database.
* Reviews and verifies information Universal Forms.
* Completes site candidate information packages for external customers.
* Reviews external customer search rings and identifies best candidates.
* Coordinates construction walks between contractors and American Tower Corporation operations personnel through Job Dispatch ticketing system.

So I will be a very busy corporate girl!! I get to work with my best friend too! Julia Muench is a project manager and really helped me get my position, and I am so thankful. Also, ATC offers amazing benefits so I will have health insurance again and they give tuition assistance as well so I will be able to get a masters!

With all that said, I have many things to be thankful for and I am counting my blessings!


vishal said...

hey may the blessing keep coming...

I joined ATC India last month...

had put google alerts for American Towers and thats hw i read you blog entry... just for info!!!

Michelle said...

Congrats on the car and job!!!