Sunday, May 6, 2012

Testing testing 1 2 3

Does this thing still work?! Well folks it's about time to dust this 'ol thing off. I haven't written in quite some time. This blog originated as a place to document mine and Dean's travel around the globe and I love looking back on those entries and reliving the times we've had frolicking around different countries. Now as we enter a new phase of our life, starting a family, I've convinced myself that I want to have this 'on the record' as well. I want to vividly remember what this process is like for us and if there's any chance this catches the eye of someone going through something similar, that's an added bonus. That being said, I won't go into detail in this post but I will be starting to blog about our trying to conceive (TTC) journey. This journey is very emotionally charged and is bound to rip at the heart strings including my own as I venture back to memories I'd rather not have. But in the end I want to be able to look back on this time and remember how far we've come... Feel free to join me.

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