Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pregnancy: 32 weeks

How far along: 32 weeks 6 days

Size of baby: About the size of a jicama, about 3.75 pounds, and 16.7 inches long

Weight gain: Haven't checked yet this week but last check was 20 pounds...I'm noticing it in my face and arms now but everyone is very sweet and tells me I'm all belly. Love my friends and family. 

Symptoms: Acid reflux maybe? I'm not sure but sometimes after I eat I burp quite a bit and feel like theres something coming up my esophagus and I might throw up...thankfully no actual throwing up though! And BH are in full force! I can feel them, they aren't painful, I'm just very aware of them. I don't mind at all. My body can do whatever it needs to do to get ready to bring this girl into the world! Prego problems. 

Movement: I'm pretty sure Reese already knows how to swim! I feel her all over my belly now at the same time. I try to guess body parts as she kicks/punches/knees/lunges but I have no idea if I'm right. But she is her most active in the late evening...hmmm...

Preparations for baby: My Florida baby shower was on Sunday and was AMAZING! My MIL and SIL were incredible hosts. Everything was perfect. It was very surreal being the center of attention and all for a baby! Wait...I'm having a baby?! What?! I still don't believe it sometimes. This made it feel more real though...Reese got some incredible things and we're so thankful. The games were awesome and most of all I really enjoyed the company. AND...on Saturday we did maternity pictures with Adam Opris - he's our dear friend and a stellar photographer. We're fortunate to know him! I have one sneak peak pic but I'm so anxious to see the rest! The weather wasn't quite what we hoped for but the rain stopped just long enough for us to get some great shots around the park and Dean's parents community. 

My GA shower is this weekend and I'm really overwhelmed by all the generosity and excitement! My best friend is hosting the shower and I know it will be nothing short of perfect as well. 

And we're making progress on Reese's room! Finally it's coming together. I found some inspiration and I LOVE the direction we're going. The soft pink and gray are simple and elegant which is exactly what I wanted. These are my inspiration pics. 

Random: I turned 29 on 1/22 and it feels amazing to be at the age that I'll have my first child. I'm really looking forward to this year, the year that my family of 2 becomes 3. 

Here are some pics over the last few weeks...

1/20 Baby shower!

12/31Lake Lanier Nights of Lights

Amazing gift! Pack and Play

1/19 Belly on the beach

Reese's armoire

32 weeks!

Shower favor - LOVE these!

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