Saturday, December 13, 2014

Settled In - Puerto Cayo, Ecuador

We've been in Ecuador for over two months now and specifically in Puerto Cayo for a 8 weeks. We're now at the point where things are working on auto pilot sort of. We know where to find everything we need. We know how to get around with the bus system. We've met lots of people nearby (both Americans and Ecuadorians). It feels like we're actually living here and not just vacationing. The days are normal & relaxed.
Dean and I find ourselves often talking about the simplicity of life here. Most people are happy just 'being'. The streets aren't bustling and busy & traffic is non existent. The typical family here has a small business at the front of the home with the living quarters at the back. Tiendas and restaurants are common. Others are fishermen that catch daily and sell their catch to restaurants, locals or gringos (us).
The town we're living in is very small. It's mostly considered a vacation spot and the majority of homes are vacation homes. Right now is low season. High season starts toward the end of November and runs through April. This is when we're told that things get busier. For now we're enjoying our little piece of paradise. :)

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