Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pregnancy: 24 weeks

Can I just start by saying these weeks are flying by! I just want to press pause and thoroughly enjoy this time...I'm feeling great!!

How far along: 24 weeks 6 days

Size of baby: The size of a cantaloupe and as long as an ear of corn - she weighs in over a pound now!

Weight gain: 15 pounds - whoa! Where did that come from?! Still in a normal range but starting to feel the weight gain

Symptoms: Well, turns out I felt Braxton Hicks contractions for the first time and they weren't the typical BH that I read about. They were a bit painful and lasted about 2 hours, coming every few minutes and lasting between 30 and 60 seconds. Thankfully they subsided because I was beginning to worry and nearly called my midwife. I talked to her about them at this weeks appointment and she said they sounded a bit abnormal and suggested I call next time just to be safe...but if I feel them that way again to drink LOTS of water and take a warm bath. Note taken!

Movement: Oh this little girl LOVES to wiggle and squirm and I love to feel it

Purchases: No more purchases at this point, still only the one pair of shoes. And it's REALLY hard to not give in to temptation every time I'm in any store!

Preparations for baby: Still preparing for showers and building my registry list. Decided to go with Babies R Us and Target. I don't want a whole lot of 'stuff', just really the necessities but there are so many choices and options. We also just moved in to our new place and where Baby Friedland will live her first 9 months or I really get to plan her nursery!! Also beginning to research doula's and childbirth classes. There's so much to look into! Definitely overwhelmed but in a good way. 

Random: I had my very first baby dream and my baby was a BOY! Oye!!! Not sure what to think about that, I mean it was only a dream but what if...haha. 

Love LOVE LOOOOOOOVEEEEE this baby girl that is growing inside me! It's still all so surreal!

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