Monday, November 5, 2012

Pregnancy: Rainbow on the way!

Well, needless to say, from the picture things have changed a bit since my last post, in a GREAT way!

Our miracle "rainbow" (term used for a pregnancy after a loss) baby is due on March 15th, 2013. We are thrilled beyond words.

As I've been reluctant to post until now out of complete fear, I'm ready to shout it at the mountain top that I'M PREGNANT and share all the amazing and beautiful details of this pregnancy. It's already going by so fast. So here we go....

How far along: 21 weeks 3 days (whoa!)

Size of baby: As long as a carrot - about 10.5 inches and as big around as a pomegranate (quite a bit of growth since the poppy seed size we started with)

Weight gain: 7 pounds - normal range so far

Symptoms: This week has been great! Had a few calf cramps, mostly at night, which certainly hurt but don't last too long.

Movement: Yes! Feeling little kicks and jabs is sooo amazing! Dean is able to feel them too which he loves. I love feeling the movement because it reassures me :)

Purchases: I've only made 1 purchase and it was a pair of adorable (to me) itty bitty newborn shoes. I feel in love at first site and had to have them. And yes, IT'S A GIRL!

Preparations for baby: We are starting to look at the items we'll need and creating a registry. I'm also planning two baby showers for this little princess. One in FL with our family and friends there and one in GA with our family and friends here.

Here is our sweet girl's profile with her mouth wide open...probably singing like her momma. :)